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Opening a business in Brazil is your chance of success!

Starting a business in another country can be an opportunity for your company, especially if this country is in development. So, we present the advantages of starting a business in Brazil, a culturally rich country, with a joyful and very receptive people to foreign culture and which is in constant development although the political uncertainties.

Brazil provides a varied market for foreign companies wishing to start a business here, enabling large possibilities of growth and expansion in multinational level, even for companies that haven’t had experiences outside their country of origin.

In addition, is still important to emphasize that Brazil has the third largest city in the world: São Paulo! And, certainly, that is the city with the greatest diversity of nationalities, cultures and business segments, as well as the economic center of Brazil.

Starting a business in Brazil,

Starting a business is a process much easier in Brazil than in other countries.

In Sao Paulo, the average period of opening of a trade limited partnership (Ltda) is up a little more than three months, a total of 100 days.

For companies that provide services, the time is much shorter — about 20 days.

There are many if the market is ample, becoming this a perfect opportunity for you to start a company in Brazil and so that its company grows in the Brazilian scenery.

An accounting firm with experience in helping international companies is essential to help you start a business in Brazil.

Is through a good accounting you can obtain greater agility in the process of opening and in obtaining documents to fulfill your business and keep you aware of the legal requirements.

Abertura de Empresa

What is necessary?

    • Indicating somebody eligible to manage the company;
    • Having a legal representative who resides in Brazil, without any criminal restrictions;
    • A certified translation of documents in another language may be required;
    • Copies of foreign partners’ documents;

A Brazilian accounting firm to handle business accounts;

Licenses and other operating requirements.
ll these items are not enough to open a company in Brazil. There are still different peculiarities from one city to another.

See? Despite being an extremely bureaucratic process and fairly long, it’s very advantageous for foreign companies to open a business in Brazil.

Tecbras is specialized in accounting services for companies that wish to expand their operations to other countries. Therefore, you can count on us to initiate an enterprise activity in Brazil without needing to be worried about the accounting, fiscal and legal obligations, being able to dedicate better to the administrative tasks of your business.

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